H.I.P.P.Y For a better You


Welcome to Hippy Living its about modern day living and how to cope. What dose Hippy stand for and how can it help?

It stands for Health a better you, Independence to take responsibility, personal relations time spent with otthers, personal finance how money is spent, youthful joy and creativity.

What are the problems we face and where do we start?


healthy and positive

One in four Adults are overweight in the UK this is the cause of poor nutrients entering our bodies making them harder to function on the tasks at hand. Obesity leads to heart disease and linked to more frequent common colds. Having a cold is fine a loss of a few days work, however a heart attack is not. Others may depend on you, your worth more than you think.


How to be independant

Independences is at the forefront of the century ahead this means working longer hours in jobs that may last a few years leaving no time for the things you would like to do. Also standards of living or rising, gone are the days when we had limited supply of fancy goods and just the basic needs. The society we live in today wants more holidays, more living space, faster cars and the list goes on. This would be fine if everything else in life was balanced. Sadly many live a life out of balance and are chasing the rabbit down the hole a life of turmoil and uncertainty.

Personal relations

Personal relationships the ones we much adore are at risk if the way we live are lives, are not aligned. In 2012 the UK devoice rate was 42% this is quite alarming especially for lone parents. Breaking up a family means spending less time with dependant children. The reasons for separation are many but an unblanced life is at the core. These inclued Building debit, long working hours, poor health, no clear goals and lack of support.

Personal finances

UK households have almost a total of £1.5 trillion in debit we are not just getting the goods we want we are buying time. Think of it this way if you buy a car worth £15000 and you lend all the money,your wage is £15000pa you have just spent 66 days of your life if your work 40hrs a week for 40 weeks, and then comes the over time.


How can we deal with this and live the life we truly want and desire?

I think the key is Youthfulness a feeling of joy and creativity to change and adapt shaping the world you would like to live in. If you would like to join this journey with me then I will be happy or hippy to help.